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Fees at reverse psychology are set well below the Australian Psychological Societies recommended rate. Because we understand that between mortgage payments, rent, tight family budgets, floods, illness and everyday hurdles in life, not everyone can afford psychological care.

My Fees are set at a number of rates, because I see people under a variety of schemes as set out below:


At present clients referred with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) will be Bulk Billed; and will continue to be Bulk Billed for the duration of the referral; and the approved or extended sessions for that referral. Please note that this offer is for a limited time only.

Eligibility for this scheme is based on the diagnosis given by your GP and is not income tested. Most common disorders are eligible. These include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep problems and adjustment disorders. Up to 10 individual sessions with a psychologist can be claimed in a twelve-month period.

Medicare Rebated sessions can be accessed in three easy steps:

  • Visit your GP and discuss your concerns;
  • If your GP believes you are eligible and would benefit from seeing a psychologist they will complete a GP Mental Health Care Plan with you and you can request that they make a referral to Reverse Psychology; and
  • Progress will be reviewed with your GP after your first six psychologist sessions.

After this you can then claim your additional four sessions if they are required.

Please remember to bring your Medicare card to the sessions.

See for more information.

Health Funds

At present not all GP’s can write a MHCP, but a simple referral from your GP may be all that is necessary if you aim to claim a rebate from your health fund instead of Medicare (you cannot claim from both). As there are numerous health funds and most offer a variety of coverage levels, there is little chance that we will be aware of the particular details of your plan. Thus the onus is upon you to be aware of the coverage that you have available. In addition please let the office staff know if you plan to make a claim on your private health fund as their receipt requirements are often different to those of Medicare. We have done our best to ensure that receipts from reverse psychology will be processed on first presentation, but if you do encounter a problem please bring it to the attention of the office staff.

Employee Assistance Program

Clients may also be seen under an Employee Assistance Program. However the terms and conditions of the therapy would need to be established sometime prior to the sessions with your employer. The amount of sessions is often less than the number available via Medicare and billing arrangements are predetermined in these circumstances.

Workcover, Comcare, CTP or Private Compensation

Clients who have approved Workcover, Comcare, CTP or Private Compensation Insurance Claims, can be referred with a simple referral and the appropriate agency will be billed directly, when possible as long as there is an approved claim. These fees are often set by the agency or the Worker’s Compensation Regulatory Authority (Q-Comp). Under certain circumstances I will defer my fee in CTP and insurance cases until settlement and under these circumstances invoices are sent to your solicitor following each session.

Private Assessments, Court Appearances, Court Ordered Therapy

Fees for private assessments and reports will need to be negotiated. Please remember that when I quote you a fee I have to take into consideration the time required to write the report and possible time away from the practice to cover my losses, if I have to appear in court. Clients who are seen by court order via a MHCP need to be aware that under Medicare I am only required to write to your GP at the conclussion of session 1, 6, or 10 and / or the termination of therapy. If you require a report for court or some other reason, it would fall in the private report criteria due to the extra work involved and this would need to be negotiated, however you need to be aware that reports for court or parole may include a section that details the clients: attendance rate, attitude towards therapy, attitude towards the therapist and application of the therapy to the real world.

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